Thursday, February 7, 2013

Watusi. Eating hand picked weeds.

From my cell phone

Nails with Themes

 4th of July fireworks.

 Dippin Dots

Polka Dots on sun nail polish. The one above is in the sun. the one below is in the shade. Love it.

 Dorothy's Ruby Red slippers above following the yellow brick road below.

Pictures. Lots and Lots of Pictures.

 Bobbi hiding. She was camera shy.

 Someone else's puppy, but look how cute he is!!!! He's sleeping on me. Adorable.

 A dragonfly on my vines this summer.
 Cosmos and Peacock feathers.
 Awesome gardening hat. Had to get the sun out of my eyes.
 Look how perfectly the animals trimmed this tree. The bottom is perfectly straight. And the pond looks so small now that I'm an adult.
 I think it was a little otter swimming in my moat.
And my first rose on my rose bush in my yard.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Bobbi and Jimbo

So I went downstairs and when I came back up, this is what I saw:
Jimbo is licking Bobbi. So cute.

But then they saw me and Jimbo wanted attention. Later in the evening, Jimbo wanted to give Bobbi more kisses but she wouldn't get of the back of the couch. So, I nudged her off. He was begging her.

And this time, he wasn't letting her go. Haha.

Sorry about the blurriness, but I only have a dumb phone (not a smart one) and it's pictures are not great.

love me

Baby Sparrow

This is the sparrow who fell from his nest on my roof and I saved his life.

This is the make shift nest. Yay for yarn hanging around.

When I put my hand near him, he opened his mouth and chirped. My co-worker did the same and he hid in the nest. yup. He loved me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Neighbors Part 1 of ?

I am posting some pictures of some of my neighbors. They are so cute.

An adolescent buffalo eating some hand picked weeds.

The following are pictures of the goats on the south end. I tool all of these pictures with my cheap phone and thus camera and thus not good quality. But look how cute the babies are!!!!

PS, it is SO much easier to post pictures now. I actually can do it without any frustration. Time to post again everyone!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I don't have internet at my new house, but when I do, I will post pictures. I moved to the yard house and believe it or not, I LOVE it!! I flourish there. Haha. Cheesy!! But I like having a lawn and flowers and SUN! The sun in my window is great in the mornings. I'm getting used to the trains and either they are running less at night or I am sleeping through them. Now I wake up to 1 or 2 versus 4. Woo hoo. The freeway sounds just blend in with the birds. There is a white fish in the canal I named Ali (Ah-lee) and the goats don't even run away when I'm mowing the lawn.

love me